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It is with great enthusiasm and conviction that REPFO and AFMO provide Ontario’s French-speaking population, which comes from various cultural backgrounds, with an awareness program concerning community-based involvement and training in regard to municipal and school board politics.

Whether you are seeking general information, wondering about the voting procedure, or strongly considering running for office, does provide you with the answer to a lot of your questions and kindly welcomes you to ask further questions regarding municipal and school board elections.

In order to become an active Canadian, each citizen has to commit himself to the process that allows a democracy, be it for policy direction or for decision-making. One must devote oneself to the values which motivate the Canadian society’s realizations. Thus, the present portal guides you through theories, processes, links to relevant and complete websites, as well as structural, organizational and operational details about local administration, as well as municipal and school board elections.

We take pride in presenting an asset to the French-speaking community to support its understanding of the dynamics which constitute local politics, to encourage all those who wish to volunteer within their municipality or their school board, and to help those who are foreseeing a career in politics.